Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun with Fabric

I really wanted to be productive last night in some capacity. I didn't feel like cleaning (surprise!) so I curled up with my laptop and went to Spoonflower. This is an exciting new website that allows people to come up with their own designs, upload them and have them printed on fabric. Genius!

I don't have much use for fabric these days but I do enjoy designing so I decided to try out a few ideas. Maybe someday I will order some fabric and commission one of my sewer friends to create something for me with it. A pillow perhaps...

Spoonflower is still in the beta stage but it has a lot of promise. Some ideas they have are allowing designers to sell their fabric creations right from the site. They also have a great blog with lots of updates and even a weekly fabric design contest. There are already a ton of designers on there so feel free to browse what they have. Some even sell their Spoonflower fabric in their etsy shops!


kerry hawkins art and photo said...

This is really cool. I am going to look into it

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