Thursday, February 26, 2009

This one art camp...

"Solitude," Madison, NH, 2007

Yay! Yesterday I came home from a blah day at work to find a lovely little booklet in my mailbox from the Squam Art Workshops confirming my registration. What is Squam Art Workshops? In this words of my beloved boyfriend- "so...what, you're going to camp?" Yes! Exactly! I am going to art camp!

Really, S.A.W. is an artist retreat in Squam, NH held in June and September. My favorite description from their website says, "If you are looking for an experience that will provide you with the time, space, and inspiration to recharge your creative spirit, this might be just the ticket." Sounds good to me...

I will be participating in the June session, taking these classes-

Thursday- Create a Painting a Day with Marisa Haedike
Friday- Wallpaper Projects with Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith
Saturday- Painting as Process with Lisa Occhipinti

June can't come soon enough! Will you be there too?

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Unknown said...

I'm in that area every summer, but have never gone to art camp. I might just check out the September classes!