Friday, March 6, 2009

Under the Boardwalk

The Beach House, 2009

I would like to take this time to say HAPPY FRIDAY and also to promote the new market I'm in on 1000 Markets. What is 1000Markets? It is a relatively new handmade selling website that has all kinds of delightful handmade products for sale. One special feature is their "markets"-
"Our markets are more than just collections of products;
they are full of people and stories. They have voices and

Our markets are large and small, broad and narrow. Some
have themes, like food, crafts, or art. Others cultivate a
sense of place around a region. And some exist simply
because the people in them share friendship or common
values. Each market fosters its own one-of-a-kind
community, always unique and interesting."

Fun! I am now a member of the Boardwalk market, a collection of coastal-themed work, which I think will be a good fit for me. It's still a pretty small group but items are lovely and fun to browse while stuck in the office and not at the beach...sigh...

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