Friday, April 3, 2009

A Modish Monthly Goal Meetup

I think I've mentioned this before but I have become a big fan of the Modish blog spin-off Modish Biz Tips. One of today's posts suggests a monthly goal meet up-


"So, this is the 1st Friday of the month. I propose that every 1st Friday of every month, we check in here with each other and announce a list of our monthly business related goals. Eh? Eh? We can meet each other and help each other meet our goals, yeah! :)"


Sounds good to me! I can already feel my pre-show-season stress levels lowering. We have to come up with five so for this month, my goals are:

1. To FOCUS on what I already have going for me product-wise. I've noticed lately with the anticipation of shows starting in May, I am frequently brainstorming on new products I could come up with and hopefully sell. This is ok except that I already do have some that really work for me that I wind up neglecting. So this month, I am going to try to stick with those, build up my inventory and work on perfecting what I already have going for myself.

2. Create a photo book to use as a portfolio of my work

3. Reach out to more publications about possibly featuring my work
(or at least research possibilities).

4. Research online advertising options.

5. Figure out a workspace during construction (we are about to starting renovating our apartment and I have not as of yet determined a temporary place to set up shop).

Whew! Ok goals, see you in a month...


Melanie said...

Good luck with your goals, Lucie. Especially the temporary workspace issue. That one would be enough for me!

modish said...

Yes, focus focus. That's one of my goals all the time too! Hard to do! And biztips can help with #3 & 4, wink wink ;) Good luck with everything!

Jessica said...

Found your blog via modish biz tips ... love your photography! Good luck with your goals. I will check in with you again to see progress!

Beth H said...

Good luck with all of these! I think #1 is especially smart. I love your photography, by the way!

Liz said...

Good luck with your goals! a great list, hope all is going well with the construction, and your photography is pure beauty...