Thursday, April 16, 2009

Need wall art?

Woohoo! I applied and have been accepted into the newly launched Walls market on 1000 Markets. I think my work will be a good fit here and apparently they think so too! Plus I love their motto "decorate your personal space."

Here's what Walls is all about:

"Your space, should look like YOU! And your walls should express your individuality and bring you peace and contentment! This market is full of fun and unusual creations to decorate the walls in your home, office and even small pieces for those working in cubicles! Don't let that wall remain blank and empty! Fill it with creations from the "Walls" Market!"

They like their exclamation points, no? So go check out this brand new market, there's lots of eye candy to peruse!


Suzanna said...

Hi Lucie, and welcome to Walls!!!

Melanie said...

Yay!!! Walls!!!! Come decorate your Personal Space!!!!