Monday, May 4, 2009

Modish Monthly Goal Meetup

"Pink Spring," Print

April Goals Revisited

I have been told it is now May so I decided to revisit my April Goals and see how I did-

1. To FOCUS on what I already have going for me product-wise. I did! I made lists and did not stray from them

2. Create a photo book to use as a portfolio of my work. Check! Thank you Blurb

3. Reach out to more publications about possibly featuring my work
(or at least research possibilities). I did this a bit but definitely will continue these efforts

4. Research online advertising options. Check, started a list with pricing stats

5. Figure out a workspace during construction
. Check, thank you parents for your entire dining room

Wow! I am pleased. So now for May...hmmm...

1. Stock up for South End Open Market (May 16 & 17). This is something I have been doing steadily but I need to speed up my efforts.

2. Continue reaching out to publications.

3. Organize/buy stuff for show displays.

Keeping it short this month, we'll see how it goes!


Anna said...

Hi Lucie! I used to live in the Boston area, now I'm in the Berkshires... Seeing that you're in the North End makes me really want a cannoli. :) I like the conciseness of your goals - good luck with everything for May.

Laura. said...

hi lucie, how are your goals going? how was your show over the weekend? i can't believe how fast may has flown! i hope these last couple of weeks are good and productive for you!