Friday, May 1, 2009


What a week! So last weekend, I moved all of my stuff out of my apartment because we are renovating. I would have "before" pictures of the place but honestly it was so bad I am a little embarrassed to show the public how we had been living. Maybe I will have some "during construction" and then "after" pictures, how about that?

Even though I have to move out of my home for a while, the good news is I have been taken in (animals and all!) by my lovely parents while my boyfriend Seth lives/works at the apt (his choice!). I set up my workspace in their dining room and settled right in. I have started printing cards and framing pictures all in preparation for the South End Market Opening Weekend which is rapidly approaching (eek).

I have also been busy on 1000 Markets:
Lucie Wicker Photography was invited to be a member of the new Passport market, " a vision of culturally influenced artistry." Lots of unique, worldly pieces in there.

KnightTimeDesign was accepted to be a new shop! I was a nervous about applying since I heard the jurying has been a little tougher lately but my illustrations got in and I am delighted. Since being accepted, I have joined two markets: Personally Yours (unique personalized gift items) and Papercraft ("astounding objects made of paper").

I hope that explains why I have been a little quiet here lately but I will be posting more often now that all of the moving is over (for now). TGIF!

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Fraske Designs said...

hooray for all the fun and exciting things happening!