Monday, May 18, 2009


What a fun weekend! Saturday was wonderful- the weather, the crowd, the sales, I really had a great day overall. It rained during set-up on Sunday which was pretty miserable but fortunately it had cleared up by 10am and the crowds were not deterred.

I also made some new friends (one of the reasons I love Sowa!)-

Jill from Flour Girls
(what desserts!!! being next to her for a whole day was a good way)

Aaron from Monkey Chow
(crazy & colorful illustrations, I'm partial to the whale and also the lion)

The guys from Boston Coasters/Ward Maps
(Their map and photo products were flying off the shelves all weekend)

Sadly I have no pictures because, you know, that would make sense for a photographer to bring a camera to an event like this (oops). Thanks to everyone for coming out, I hope to see you again throughout the summer!

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J.Crabbit said...

Glad you enjoyed. there were so many cool people!