Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Modish Monthly Goal Meetup

"Soft Pink," 2009

I was bad and kind of forgot about this for the past few weeks. I guess moving around and vacation are good excuses for disorientation. Here's how I did anyway-

1. Stock up for South End Open Market (May 16 & 17). This is something I have been doing steadily but I need to speed up my efforts. I did this! And the weekend was a big success. Whew!

2. Continue reaching out to publications. Hmm...can't say I've done much of this. Must get back on it.

3. Organize/buy stuff for show displays. Yes! I'm pleased with my current set up.

So for JuNe, here goes-

1. Stock up on supplies. Why do I wait until I'm out to order more?

2. Get accounting stuff together. Something I should do on a regular basis but just have not lately.

3. Reach out to publications. Yes. Get exposed.

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Jennie said...

Just dropping by from the Modish goals list. I hope your June goals are going well!