Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We are currently renovating our condo. I'm actually not doing much besides staying out of the way as much as possible and taking pictures of the demolition. We are currently in the final stages of the demo so it's pretty much just one big mess. Next time you are feeling down on your living situation, come back to this post and check out these pictures... A ceiling above a ceiling. Love the rose wallpaper! Or ceilingpaper?...

Apollo shows off the living room. When the wall came down, the brick behind it was in good shape so we're going to clean it up and leave it exposed.

The other side of the living room. Again, we took down the wall only to find another completely wallpapered wall, several inches behind the wooden studs. The wallpaper is actually embossed, how fancy!

This is the door to the kitchen. The wall to the right of the door is coming down and we're going to put a bar counter there dividing the rooms. We're hoping this will open it up a bit more and allow more light to come through. The living room has no windows so we're trying to get as much light in as we can.

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