Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sowa Recap

It took a day or two but I'm now caught up on sleep/energy from a fun 2 days at Sowa for open studios. The weather was perfect in every way- sunny, warm but not hot and little wind. I feel redeemed from that awful day back in June... over it!

One thing I learned this weekend was that if you are next to me at a show, there is a good chance I will buy something from you. I think sitting next to someone for 6+ hours and getting to know them, listening to their sales pitches, seeing what people buy from them, I don't know, it gets my consumer juices flowing. Plus I like that I wind up with a cool souvenir of the day.
As a result, I wound up with this very comfy and bizarre-o attack whale t-shirt from Pinecone & Chickee, a Portland, Maine-based silk-screening duo, and a free consultation to Pine Blossom Acupuncture (hey, why not?). I actually went last night and had the consultation plus a session and, no lie, my chronically-sore-and-aggravated-by-frequent-heavy-lifting right shoulder feels better! I will be back...

Getting ready for JP Open Studios this weekend!

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