Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloweened at Sowa Open Market

Wow, what a crazy day. We all seriously lucked out with the weather- cool and sunny all day, perfect for an outdoor market. The decorations and costumes were amazing and the crowd was having as much fun with it as the vendors.

Purely by coincidence my booth was right next to a vendor, Nate of Hijacked Ceramics, who was dressed as a blue-ish zombie in a tuxedo with a blue shirt. The whole day people were asking if we'd planned our costumes together (we did not) and taking our pictures. We were like undead celebrities.
He actually made the worms crawling out of his face himself out of Femo clay.

This was my other undead neighbor, Shara, of Shara Porter. Great zombie look.

The Corpse Bride

I didn't win the costume contest (although I did make the top ten!) but the winners were definitely deserving. The vendor contest winner was Lego Batman (Jen of Zooguu) and the customer contest winner was the zombie impaled by a traffic cone. Brilliant.

If you want to see more photos, go to the Open Market Flickr page, there are a lot more that are worth a look!

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lucie, you look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! and HOT!!!!!