Thursday, October 22, 2009

Holiday Brick & Mortar

Big news from BH- we'll be reopening our holiday brick and mortar store in Downtown Crossing! Jess has been working hard to make this happen and she told us yesterday it is a definite GO and to start spreading the word.

What am I talking about? Last year our group, Boston Handmade, essentially borrowed an empty storefront in one of Boston's shopping districts, Downtown Crossing. We were open from Thanksgiving to Christmas and it was a huge success! We set it up just like a gallery/boutique and it quickly became a must-stop shop during the holiday rush.

Here are a few pictures from last year from Jess's flickr page:

The mayor stopped by. did this Freedom Trail guide!

Check back on our blog or sign up on our mailing list for updates and details. Otherwise I'll see you on November 27!

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Boston Handmade said...

Isn't it exciting! Thanks for this post Lucie - and I hope to see lots of your readers at the gallery this season!