Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cooperation Makes It Happen

Last year I started making my own coasters using ceramic tiles. I loved doing it but never really felt like my waterproofing technique was 100%. I think sometimes it was but sometimes it wasn't and I couldn't really figure out where I was going wrong. Right when I decided to halt production and go back to the drawing board, two things happened- I started collaborating with Boston Coasters and shortly after was contacted by Bill of House of Six Cats about another opportunity.

Bill is the leader of the Photographers of Etsy team and he came up with a great idea- he takes an image submitted by anyone on the team and puts it on ceramic tile coasters. Since he had perfected his coaster-making method already, he thought it would be a fun collaboration and a good way to promote the team.

So far he has 36 coaster sets listed under "Etsy ARTISTS Coasters" in his shop and they are just beautiful. I submitted two designs and love what he's done with them. All of the sets are $20 (a steal if you ask me) and include free shipping. Check them out! Links below:

House of Six Cats Shop
Etsy Artists Coaster Sets
Photographers of Etsy Blog

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Lisa F said...

Wow - those are great! What a great example of Etsy team members collaborating to create beautiful pieces. Hmm ... might a Fab 5 topic!