Friday, January 22, 2010


Do you Moo? If you do then you should know they are doing free shipping for the month of January if you spend more than $39! Just use this code during check out: 8AMX4Z.

What is Moo? Moo is a relatively new, small printing company from RI by way of the UK who specializes in business cards, postcards and other fun little paper things. They have a great blog and the quality of their products is excellent; glossy, bright and durable. I always point to the day I was at the Sowa Open Market in the rain and when my table blew over into a puddle, the only things that was salvageable were my Moo mini-cards. And they had been soaked! Now that's quality.

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Thirteenth Story said...

That's awesome, thanks!
I have had them do some greeting cards for me in the past. With this promo, I'm going to do some post cards.