Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photo Tip Tuesday: Consider Stationary

black & white Boston photo cardsOk so this is more of a photo BIZ tip but I've been getting some inquiries lately about how to start selling photography so I figured it was relevant. Today's tip is to consider selling your work in a form other than a print. What, you don't want to put your pictures on coffee mugs? That's cool. But I'd highly recommend considering stationary.

flower postcardsI thought of this from my own art shopping experiences. Sometimes people (like me) just don't have the money or wall space to buy an expensive, large print. Should those people still be denied your beautiful work?! Hardly! True, this would not be a huge sale for you but think of it as a way to keep your work in your buyers' minds. Maybe they will enjoy the card they bought so much that they'll come back to you someday when they have more money or space to buy the larger print.

mini note card stationary with envelopeIf you're selling them online and don't like posting inexpensive items (minus all the fees sometimes you don't wind up with much profit), try selling them in sets. If you're selling them in shows, choose a nice display and they will fly. I bought this greeting card rack from Displays2Go for a very reasonable price and it's served me well. Even if you're charging a small amount, these sales will add up, I promise!

Need a bit more inspiration? There are plenty of groups on Flickr featuring stationary ideas including Handmade Cards and MOO. If you have any questions or would like to add more info, please feel free to comment or contact me directly!

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Yes Displays2Go Greeting cards are Nice. i already purchased cards few months back from Displays2Go