Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photo Tip Tuesdays

This spring I am taking a class at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts called Digital Photography II. I haven't taken a photo class like this since college and I figured a refresher couldn't hurt. For our first assignment, we were given a checklist of things we should be able to locate and use on our camera. Sounds easy right?

This list made me realize how many features I'd been ignoring or knew little about, if at all! It also occurred to me that if I had that much to learn about my camera, there are probably others out there who do too. This prompted me to think about starting a weekly series providing very basic photo tips that could maybe help you and your photography. Sure, you could read your camera manual cover to cover and scrutinize the little black and white pictures but who does that?
I will start the photo tips next week but in the meantime, let me know what questions you have! No question is too basic, sometimes those are the best kinds to get the ball rolling.

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