Friday, March 12, 2010

The Dude Abides...and Shoots

Thought this would be a good post, post. I found out from someone on Twitter the other day that Best Actor Oscar winner Jeff Bridges is also an avid WideLux photographer. Not only that, he has a website where he posts pictures he took while on film sets. It's wonderful!

His pictures are both striking and just plain fun. Plus he gives us film buffs a nice glimpse of what life is like on set and includes these great handwritten captions that explain what you're looking at. I love how the people in his pictures don't seem to notice or mind that he's even there. He's Jeff Bridges, aka the Dude (I wonder if that's gotten old to him?). He can do whatever he likes and it's cool.


Fraske Designs said...

awesome! i think i have to buy his book for my brother.

Thirteenth Story said...

What an excellent find. I love love love the Iron Man stuff.