Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oscar Party in a Box

It's almost time! The Academy Awards are THIS Sunday at 8pm on so you better get your Oscar party items together. What? You've never had an Oscar party? *deep inhale* Well, it's never too late to start!

When I was a freshman in college, I received a package from my dad which turned out to be an "Oscar party in a box." This consisted of-

*ballots with all of the nominees, several copies
*festive paper plates and napkins
*nonpareils, raisinettes and microwave popcorn
*a wrapped prize (DVD of "Gladiator" which was nominated that year)I even think there may have been confetti involved... anyway, the concept was to fill out the ballots and whoever guessed the most winners took home the prize. Brilliant!
I remember, being 18, feeling somewhat concerned about what my friends would think of this idea. Would it be lame? I'm not sure why I was so worried since it was a huge hit which turned into something we all looked forward to every year. Even the people who could have cared less about the movies still got into the competitive spirit vying for the mystery prize (plus the free candy).

Need more ideas? One Pretty Thing has put together this awesome Oscar Party Roundup.

How are you celebrating? I hope it involved nonpareils!

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Keyse said...

i havent watched the oscars in forever...might actually watch it tonight!