Sunday, April 4, 2010

Portrait Work

My trip in Ghana overlapped with a project assignment for the photography class I'm currently taking at the SMFA. It was a portrait assignment where we were supposed to take 100 pictures (portraits) of a subject and present 5 to the class. Since the friend I was visiting, Kelly, was the only person I'd be around in the time given to complete the assignment, she got to be my subject.

I knew she would not be too into this idea since she is generally very camera shy but she knew her time in Ghana was limited and there are a lot of people at home who are curious about her life over there so she agreed to let me document her for ten days.

Her job is pretty hectic and had been more stressful these past few months so when I arrived we headed to the coast for some beach time. I started taking pictures right away and it was great to see her completely unwind once she got away from the city and settled in on the coast. I think it came across pretty well in the pictures, here are the five I presented to my class:

The first two are on work calls:

Now at the beach:
My class really thought she looked relaxed in front of the camera, like she wasn't even aware that it was there. I had a great time with the assignment and really learned a lot about what makes for an interesting portrait or group of portraits, thanks to Kelly for helping me on this!

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