Thursday, May 27, 2010

Indian Cooking Class

Yesterday, my friends, Neala and Jackie, and I took an Indian cooking class at Eurostoves in Beverly, MA. I've loved Indian food for so long but have always been intimidated by the thought of making it. Turns out, it's not too hard although there are a lot of ingredients to consider in most of the recipes. Luckily there were 15 of us in the class so one or two of us would work on one thing each. This made it pretty manageable and we wound up with a ton of stuff to try.

Mango chutney with vegetables pakoras in the background.

Samosas, pork vindaloo, curry chicken, saag paneer, tamarind sauce.

This was my creation, the vegetable biryani. Overdid the basmati rice but otherwise it was good!

Eurostoves is an awesome kitchen supply store (we were cooking on AGAs!) with a ton of cooking classes offered almost every day of the week. You can find their class schedule here.


Allie S. said...

random question: were you at SoWa Open market on halloween/near halloween last year? I think I met you, if so. Either way, love your work, now following your blog!

Unknown said...

When will you be demonstrating what you learned? Love, Mom