Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Happenings in Boston and Online

A few new things I just wanted to mention with the help of some bullet points:
  • I will be at Sowa Open Market this weekend, both days, for their opening weekend. This year there are a few other incentives to stop by- the brand new Sowa Vintage Market and the annual Sowa Art Walk. All within the same couple of blocks! You may have to come both days just to see it all...
  • My friend and fellow BH member, Chris O'Brien, started a blog recently called Digital Mixed. It's a fantastic resource for digital mixed media artists or those interested in mixed media behind-the-scenes. Now I don't have to constantly bug her with my "how did you do that?" questions! Which she was always happy to answer, I should add. :)

"Maine Moonscape" by Chris O'Brien