Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Shoot: The Details

Wildflower centerpieces

Here are more photos from the wedding I shot this past weekend. Naomi and Andy worked so hard to pull everything together, down to the very last detail, so I thought in addition to the couple pics and the family pics there should be some of the little things since they played a part too!

The rings, of course

Champagne toast

Custom M&Ms! Love these!

Andy is a beer maker and had his own brew on hand at the reception along with these awesome pint glass party favors.

Naomi made the sangria.

Dessert! Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes plus a large variety of Chilmark Chocolates (a Martha's Vineyard favorite of Naomi's).

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Unknown said...

Lucie --
Beautiful pictures! I cannot wait to see more!
It was so nice to meet you --thank you for taking pictures at Andy and Naomi's wedding!
Margie (Andy's Mom)