Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yoga Shoot: Dekelyah

Last week I did a very special photo shoot with the lovely Dekelyah featuring a set of different yoga poses, each inspired by certain letters that are important in Kabbalah. It sounds complicated so I asked her to describe her project in her own words-

"My name is Dekelyah Winer, I live in Brooklyn, NY. As an Observant Jew, I was looking for a way to express Body-Mind-Soul with Jewish methods. After learning The Book of Creation- the first Kabbalah book- I learned the connection between the four elements to the Hebrew Alphabet. I have discovered an amazing way to move with the Letters. It's now called 'Aleph-Beth STRETCH'. Practicing these movements connects me to the earth, the creation of G-D, to my Hebrew roots and to my soul."

She wanted a simple beach setting with soft light and colors. I really enjoyed shooting all of the different poses and learning about her practice; I have done yoga for a few years and it was very cool to see her variation of it.

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Liz said...


Joanna Read Cotter of Joy in my studio said...

I LOVE the concept, and the photos are terrific! Thanks for sharing :)

Lucie Wicker said...

Thanks guys! It was an awesome shoot :)