Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Couples Portrait Session: Jennie & Rachael

For her birthday, Rachael decided to buy Jennie a couples photo session and I am so happy she chose the one I offer. These ladies were not only totally cute models but also so excited and enthusiastic about the session (yay! minimal camera shyness!) which was awesome. Throw in beautiful weather and an adorable dog and the photos just started taking themselves. Here are a few shots we took in the Arnold Arboretum (Peter's Hill):

As a bonus (for me, really), we went back to their house to scoop up their awesome Shiba Inu puppy, Sydney, and then headed to Franklin Park to get some shots with her. As you can tell, Sydney was more than ready for her close-up:

Thanks again to Rachael and Jennie (and Sydney) for an amazing portrait session!

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Unknown said...

LOVE the pup, too cute :) Really terrific photos!