Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Knitting Project Down

This past Saturday I finally finished the Rococo shawl I've been working on since June. It was a really satisfying finish and I'm so happy with the results:

I emailed Elena, who designed the pattern, to ask where she got the shawl pin in her photos and she actually wound up selling me one directly which was really nice of her! To see more about this pattern, check out her Etsy shop and Ravelry page.

I'm still working on my Girasole too! I'm on one of the final charts in the pattern and the rows are so huge now, it takes about an hour for me to finish just one. It's still a really enjoyable knit though, I'm plowing through. I also started following the designer, Jared Flood's, blog which inspires me with every post. :)

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