Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bless this Mess

I got my desk cleaned out today! With the sun coming in it looked so pretty that I took a photo to remember it by (it doesn't generally stay like this for long).

Here's a breakdown of what all this stuff is-

1. A print I bought a few years ago from my friend Jaye of thirteenth story. This and the framed prints next to it are awaiting a more prominent home on a wall, post-renovation.

2. A photo I took of Apollo and his beagle cousin, Abby. Framed in a square Ikea frame.

3. A framed photo my parents bought for me by Thomas Durand. I love his monkey series.

4. A small bulletin board I made with yet another Ikea frame and some cork board.

5. A jade Buddha statue that was my grandmother's. He inspired my "zen" windowsill.

6. A mini square print I picked up from BH member, Eliza, of Art Asana.

7. A cactus Seth bought for me last spring which I've managed to not kill.

8. A print by Sepia Lepus in a square Blick frame.

9. A sweet print my mom found of the 1975 Red Sox. I framed it for Seth and it, like the left windowsill prints, is waiting for wall spot. The back is even signed by some of the players so I used a "floating" frame.

10. My desk (for now), a vintage Haywood-Wakefield that Seth restored a while ago. It has sliding leaves and he thinks it might be from the 40s.

11. My portable and backup hard drives. The one next to the computer is 500GB from OWC.

12. My trusty Mac Book Pro.

13. My knitting! The blanket is now SO CLOSE to being finished, I will update soon.

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