Thursday, August 4, 2011

Boston Handmade Photo Booth

So much to post, so little time. This week I am hard at work on a multimedia project involving Silverbrook Farm in Dartmouth, MA. I went down there at the beginning of the week and hung out at the farm taking photos of everything- veggies, the daily activities, Chloe the dog, etc. I will be posting the photos and the story of the farm, which is fascinating, in a series over the next few weeks. While I edit them and work on the final product, here are some photos from the Boston Handmade photo booth that Julie Sterling Williams, Franco Cardaropoli, and I did last Saturday!

People really utilized the props, as you can see

Dave wished we had a cigar. A chalk crayon will do.

That's Laura of Pansy Maiden and her "serious" husband, Eric.

It's hard to tell but this dog is actually tolerating the princess tiara on her head.

Click here to see all the images from the day. Want to hire us and the photo booth for an event? Just let me know!


Wandering Earth said...

Love these photos! Great props!

kerry hawkins art and photo said...

Fun shots! Love this idea