Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Practicum: AIDS Action Committee

The final project we are assigned at CDIA is one the school is very proud of- they pair each student up with a non-profit (which they call "practicum"). The student works with the non-profit for three weeks to complete an assignment for them, anything from photographing an event to building a website. This provides the student with professional experience and the non-profit with free creative work.

For my practicum, I was paired up with the AIDS Action Committee. I had actually done some volunteer work for them back in high school so I was familiar with their organization and its one I definitely support. The project I will be working on is highlighting the donation process with Boomerangs, their resale retail stores where all proceeds go to AIDS Action. I will be hanging out in their four locations, going out on donation pick-ups, visiting their sorting facility, etc.

The project is right up my alley (I love documenting processes, like my work with Silverbrook Farm), the people I've met are really nice and enthusiastic, and I think it's going to be a cool three weeks!

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