Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tips on How to Use Twitter

And yes, I'm using "twitter" as a verb. Maybe I should've said "tweet." Oh well.

My classmate recently wanted to try out Twitter but found it confusing. I shared some tips with her and I figured I would do it here on the blog too. A good way to start your life in the Twittervese, other than tweeting fairly often, is to also start following people, groups, and organizations who interest you. It's easy to find them, anyone who tweets will make that clear on their blog or website (although I would check their feed first, if they haven't tweeted in months, don't bother). I also look at who people I follow, who they follow (does that make sense?...). So you can see mine-


And there might be people who you might want to follow too. Then they might follow you! Yay for followers!

Once you've found people to follow, just keep at it with the content. In by Grace Bonney (Design Sponge) she talks about the rule of thirds for social media- 1/3 should be personal stuff, 1/3 should be blog updates, and 1/3 should be resource sharing. I think that is a great rule of thumb for tweeting.

See? It's easy! Tweet away.

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