Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Imaging USA 2012 in New Orleans

Aside from exploring Bourbon Street, I was in New Orleans to attend Imaging USA, the annual conference of the Professional Photographers Association. I saw a bunch of speakers including Kevin Kubota, Jerry Ghionis, Jim Garner, Julieanne Kost, Jack Davis, Joey L., and Prem Mukarjee to name a few. All worth checking out if you get a chance to hear them speak. From portraiture posing to Lightroom tips, they covered a lot of ground in their presentations.

There was also a huge (HUGE) expo going on where we spent several hours on Tuesday. Equipment, album vendors, backdrops, software, you name it- it was there. Here are a few booths I really liked-

I loved these customizable flash drives and boxes from Pexagon and Rice Studio Supply. Their eco-friendly packaging is so appealing.

Of course I had to stop by the Moo booth. I just ordered some promo postcards from them and they are gorgeous.

Millers had the most impressive-looking booth, my 50mm lens is not doing it justice here. Above and beyond!

I do like a good backdrop. My travel buddy Julie, of Julie Sterling Photography, posed for me.

And then there were the parties. A great way to end the day- food, music, booze. I took this photo because the DJ put on a Sir Mix-a-Lot video and "Baby's Got Back" in mixed company is hilarious.

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