Monday, March 25, 2013

Peddocks Island, Boston Harbor

I am a big fan of the Boston Harbor Islands. Growing up in Boston, I was only vaguely aware of their existence. When I moved to the North End in 2006, tourism to the islands was picking up and the more I learned about their nature and history, the more interested I became in these lesser known Boston "neighborhoods." I joined the Boston Harbor Islands Alliance, which promotes tourism to the islands and funding for preservation, and I love getting out there whenever I can (see my photos from Georges Island, seals, and Spectacle Island). 

Boston's Best Cruises offers special off-season winter cruises to select islands and this year they were going to Peddocks Island. I was especially interested in this island since it's been closed to tourists for the last few years because of renovations. Despite the cold temps, my mom agreed to join me and it was definitely worth the trip-

Seaside chapel at Fort Andrews.

A distant view of the Boston skyline. 

Fort Andrews, active from 1900 through WWII.

A view of the very tip of Hull (and a 50' drop!).

Regular ferry service to the islands starts in May. For more information about the Boston Harbor Islands, check out these links:

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