Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brunch at Sweet Caroline's in Fenway

Yes, that is a wall made out of real plants. So cool.

How about an impromptu restaurant review?! I recently spent an afternoon at Sweet Caroline's, a restaurant in the Fenway area, with the lovely ladies of Blog and Tweet Boston, a social media networking group. We were there to try out their brunch menu and also some new drinks they are offering. With the Red Sox on a road trip, it was quiet but blissfully cool- a perfect place to escape the 90+ degree heat.

We decided to order a bunch of dishes off the menu and then just share everything. I don't eat meat (I do sometimes eat fish) so I didn't try the burger or the chicken rangoon which everyone seemed to be enjoying but fortunately there were several good meatless options. Here's what I tried-

*French Toast
*Lobster roll
*Portobello burger
*Fried oyster salad

Even just taking a few bites of each dish left me so full! In addition to the food, we were also introduced to Sweet Caroline's new drink menu featuring bright, summery drinks named after lines in the song "Sweet Caroline."

Hard to say which one I liked best. The "When Spring Became the Summer" did taste like summer in a glass (local Bully Boy white whiskey, cucumber-infused simple syrup) and it looked like it too with its strawberry, lemon and cucumber garnishes. The margarita was equally refreshing with a bit of spice too.

Good food aside, one thing that sets this restaurant apart from others like it seems to be their commitment to serving fresh food made in-house. The majority of what they serve is made right on site, from the huge potato chips to the infused vodkas to the lobster salad (our group's overall favorite). As the owner said, "our walk-in is almost empty." It's always good to know that what you're getting was not sitting in a freezer for ages!

I'd definitely recommend Sweet Caroline's, especially for a group. The place is huge and the service was very accommodating. Everything we tried from the food and drink menus we enjoyed and it's varied enough to work for a diverse crowd. I look forward to going back soon!

1260 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02215

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