Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fitness in Boston: Thai Yoga with Bodywaves Boston

Before I headed off to Switzerland for a week (photos coming soon), I was able to check out a class being offered on the Greenway by Bodywaves, a therapeutic massage studio located on Hanover Street near Haymarket. The class was in Thai yoga which Bodywaves now offers. We paired up and followed Frances and Margo as they led us through the moves. It was really more of a massage with lots of rhythmic kneading and slow pulling on arms and legs. It felt fantastic! It was also interesting to learn how much pressure and twisting the body can take- every time I thought I was pressing too hard on my partner, Jen, most of the time I wasn't doing it hard enough. We learned a lot and got to hang out in the sun while our muscles got a nice massage, what better way to spend a Saturday morning?
My Thai massage partner, Jen Dorman, and I getting to know each other intimately during the demonstration.

Thanks to Bodywaves for leading a fun class and to Blog & Tweet Boston for organizing it!

145 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113

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