Saturday, February 1, 2014

Instagram Round-up: January

Are you on Instagram? You should be! I'll admit it- I was hesitant to join. With so many people of varying photographic skills, I just couldn't see myself getting into it. I was wrong! I started by following people I know which I enjoyed immediately- I love seeing how my friends capture their daily activities, especially the ones who live far away and I don't see often. I then started following people or companies I'm interested in to see their updates- from new products to just plan gorgeous photos. I've found that I really enjoy connecting to people through imagery (more so than wordy Facebook posts...). I suppose this makes sense considering my line of work!

I've decided to close out each month on my blog with an Instagram Round-up consisting of posts I've put up on IG over the past few weeks as a little monthly retrospective.

What do you think of Instagram?

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