Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Personal Photo Project: Boston Marathon 2014

Dan Fitzgerald and the South End Athletic Company Run Club
As some of you know by now, I've decided to start a personal project about people from Boston running the 2014 Boston Marathon. It started with the idea of shooting a few of my friends who were running and has expanded to friends-of-friends and people I've connected with through various social networks, all living and training in the Boston area.

While they all run for different reasons- charity, personal goals, health, all of the above- they are all passionate about these reasons and long distance running. Even though the marathon takes place in the spring, obviously a lot of the training goes on during the worst times of the year and I wanted to highlight this (I find this particularly admirable and impressive!). 
Nichole Bukowski; Ian Nurse and the B.A.A. Run Club
Living in Boston, this particular marathon holds a special place in these runners' hearts (and mine too) and even if they have run it in the past, I think this year will be particularly fulfilling. I'm so pleased they have been willing to take the time to tell me their stories and let me photograph them. I'm planning to feature each one of them here on the blog and their collective stories on my website/various other online platforms so stay tuned! Lots of running to come!

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