Monday, March 10, 2014

Fitness in Boston: ClassPass has Launched!

Love boutique classes but can't afford to join them all? Me too! Luckily for us, ClassPass has just launched in Boston and they're here to help. The way it works is simple- pay a monthly fee and choose up to 10 classes offered by all different boutique studios around the city. Perfect for anyone who likes a bit of variation in their workouts (most of us, am I right?).
I attended the ClassPass launch party last week at Flywheel (catered by Sweetgreen and Boloco- mmm!) and was then offered a 10 day trial membership. When I logged onto the site, I was surprised to see how many studios they had- 26 already! From spinning to yoga to bootcamp to barre, I was really impressed with everything I had to choose from.
I also like the site's interface- easy to navigate, friendly design, and uncomplicated. I can sort class availability by date, times, and studio; if I only have a window of a few hours on a certain day, I can narrow down the search to only show classes in that timeframe. If I want to learn more about a certain class, I can click on it and it opens in another window, and if I book one, it gives the option to add it to my google calendar. Hey, it's the little things!
With ClassPass memberships at $99 a month for 10 classes, the value is clear- many of the classes they offer are normally upwards of $20 each. I would definitely recommend checking out the site for yourself; there are so many awesome classes in Boston with more being added every day, ClassPass will help keep your workouts from ever getting boring.

Have you signed up for ClassPass? What do you think?


Lily T said...

Hi Lucie - I signed up to classpass the second they launched. I am such a huge fan. Cross training like crazy, trying out a bunch of new studios, getting in some boutique fitness without having to bog myself down with different websites/logins and worrying about expiring class packs... yes!

Unknown said...

I feel the same way! Very cool concept :)