Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Boston Fitness Photography: Personal Trainer Monika Mazur

Meet Monika! Monika is not only an NPC Athlete but she is one of the most enthusiastic personal trainers I've ever come across. A trainer at Healthworks in Brookline, she created the Body By Monika program and her clients see results! I know this because she is their biggest cheerleader- working with them, encouraging them along the way, and posted their progress photos all over social media. Her training is described as "intense" but she also has a great sense of humor and could not be more proud of her clients reaching their goals.

I actually did two shoots with Monika last summer and fall, here's some of what we shot:

Stylist: Keely Witkowski of b.fetching


Lacresha Johnson said...

Love this woman she is a constant inspiration and the best trainer.She pushes you to be better than you could ever imagine.

Florin Aldea said...

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