Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

I know I've been quiet on this blog this summer but I'm finally ready to tell you why- I've been dealing with finances, insurance companies, mortgage lenders and fun stuff like that because *drumroll please* we bought a house! It's amazing how much of your free time that takes up but we're finally near the end and closing next week (!!!) so I decided it was safe enough to announce it.

The move is not without some sadness as I will be leaving the city I've been a resident of all my life. We are moving to Cohasset which is 20 miles south on the coast (not on the Cape, not in Rhode Island, as some people have asked me) so I won't be going far. If you're wondering why we chose this area, I will show you this map which is the walking distance from our house to one of the prettiest beaches in the area:
Other than the beach, the main reason this property appealed to me is what is behind the house- a beautiful, relatively new carriage house/barn/garage (the house was built in 1870 but the barn was just built 10 years ago). It gets gorgeous light and has an open layout so I'm turning it into a studio! It's move-in ready, all I need is some gear and I'll be ready to start shooting-
There's a cupola up there too which you can only get to my climbing that ladder/post in the middle.

The back yard which has some fruit trees and a little orchard. Looking forward to shooting here too!
The creek behind the barn. You better believe we'll be getting some kayaks asap.
Roses next to the house
So that's my news! While I'm sad to be leaving Boston, I'm beyond excited to start exploring the South Shore and spending more time doing outdoor activities. I'd love to hear any recommendations for things to do or places to see in the area if you happen to know any! Stay tuned for updates, I can't wait to start sharing more when we are all moved in and setting up the place.

How has your summer been? Any big things on the horizon?


Sharon said...

Looks amazing - congrats Lucie!

Unknown said...

Thank you Sharon! Hope you're having a great summer :)

Jessica Burko said...

This is amazing Lucie!! Congratulations!! So excited for you! Also, I think there might be a Boston Handmade retreat at your place in the future :)

Laura said...

WOW - congratulations! That barn looks amazing, and Cohasset is so beautiful! So exciting!!! :)

Unknown said...

Oooo what a fantastic idea!!! I love it!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Laura, I'm pretty thrilled! Seems like a great town :)

Alyssa said...

Cohasset is a beautiful place - you'll love it!

Unknown said...

Thanks Alyssa- I hope so! :)