Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Behind the Scenes: An Interview with b.fetching

People my not realize this but I'm not always working alone when I'm on set with a client. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have help in the form of a stylist or creative director and one person I work with frequently is Keely Witkowski of b.fetching. I decided to sit down with her and have her answer some questions here on the blog so you can get a better idea of all that she does! Meet the lady behind the designer shades:

How did you get into styling and fashion? Gucci, haha! My aunt use to work in Boston and wear Gucci and when I was a little girl I always looked up to her. I think that's where my spark for fashion began. I went to school for architecture because I loved design. I was always dressing my friends and family. I had a coworker back in 2009 that needed help finding something to wear to one of our restaurant opening parties. I told her that if she needed help I could shop for her on my break. She ended up wearing a purple dress I pulled for her and from there she started harassing me about becoming a stylist. She sent me articles, blogs, and websites about current stylists and told me I'd be better at it than them. It helps to have PR people that believe in you.

I had never considered fashion as a path to take because I'm not a competitive person and the fashion industry is very competitive as well as judgmental. After being harassed for a year I decided what if I did fashion my way- help people see that it's fun, refreshing, inspiring and easy! That it's there to showcase how you feel about yourself on the inside. And if you don't feel great about yourself then I can come in and help turn that around.

What kinds of services do you offer clients? I offer multiple services; closet sessions, event shopping, shopping excursions, production for photo shoots, etc, to men and women. People on a budget and with no budget. Every different person has a different need so I try to fill the shoes of what my individual clients need.
What is your role when hired for a photo shoot? Before I step foot on set, I have a prep session with the client. I need to get to know them so I can make sure that the shots represent them and jump in to help them achieve their goals. I ask them questions they wouldn't think to ask themselves. I help them create a timeline of things they'll need to do before the shoot (that could include, diet, waxing, spray tan, manicure/pedicure, hair, makeup, props, etc). We go through inspirational photos and make a list of shots we want to create. I communicate with the photographer that the client’s needs work with what the photographer can do.

From there I go shopping and pick up items to have on set for the client. Depending on the shoot it could be fashion or fitness shopping. I try to always combine them both. You can never have enough options. I love shopping for clients because I get to be them for a moment. I love how people are different and I get to take on that person and put my spin on it. We need people to sometimes see the amazing version of ourselves we can be. We can get stuck and I like to wake people up and give them a new set of eyes to what they can try. And I try to do it in a way that's not scary. That's something I picked up from architectural school; it gave me a new way of looking at things.
On set I act as an organizer; keeping the shots rolling in order, making sure we get each one, keeping hair and makeup on point, keeping the outfits in order, and minimizing the amount of time that can be wasted. I want my client to get their money's worth. This is also where I put my production hat on. We'll start in a pose and I guide the client as to face, body, hair, position, location that works best. Sometimes the best shots are stopping them when they think they’re not doing anything! I try to communicate with the photographer to make sure we're all on the same page. I'll stop and make sure what we're shooting is the direction the client wanted by going through pics pulled up on the laptop. I also try to push my clients a little to give them something fresh and new. I think the body is a beautiful thing and I like for my clients to show as much as their comfortable with (and then I push a little more!). These people work so hard on themselves why not show it off! I only believe in tasteful, artistic pictures but in most cases less is more :)

It's weird because as I list what I do it's doesn't seem to really describe it... I try to harness all my energy, passion and focus on my client to make sure they get what they're putting themselves vulnerably in front of a camera for. Dressing them seems a very small percentage of job.

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Thanks Keely- for this and for all that you do! Ready to connect with this talented lady? Shoot her an email at!

(All photos in this posted were used with permission and provided by Keely Witkowski)

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