Friday, February 27, 2015

Behind the Scenes: An Interview with OmGal, Rebecca Pacheco

I'm so psyched to post a special interview with a special person on my blog today. Meet Rebecca Pacheco - aka OmGal - yoga enthusiast and now a published author. I met Rebecca last year when she participated in my "Why I Run" Boston Marathon project and we stayed in touch. When she told me she was writing a book and asked me to shoot the headshot for the inside of the book jacket, I was beyond thrilled.
Here's my interview with Rebecca (who has been kind enough to do a book giveaway! Deets at the end of the interview):

Hi Rebecca! Tell us a little about yourself: If my life in yoga years were a person, she’d be able to vote! I began doing yoga at the age of 16. In addition to teaching yoga, I’ve also worked with at-risk youth at a nonprofit in Dorchester, in marketing at a magazine, and as a consultant. I’m now a solopreneuer (like you, Lucie). Which means we are the bosses… and the assistants… and the janitors. My first book comes out on March 3. It’s pretty surreal. Writing a book has been a lifelong dream (I majored in English Literature). Yoga became the medium through which I write and tell stories.

Tell us about your new book: It’s less of the fitness and flexibility we all know so well about yoga and more of the tradition’s meaning and philosophy, yet made modern and relatable to life for the modern yogi.
What did you hope to bring to the community (or world?) with this book: The world doesn’t need another idealized image of yoga. My goal was to be real and give people a better understanding of how yoga applies to real life. I wanted to give the world a yoga book that they would actually read. I also really hope it makes people laugh. Humor is high art to me.

What was the writing experience like? Would you ever consider doing it again? I have always thought of myself as a writer. The experience was hard, stressful, and painstaking at times. Even friends who are both mothers and published authors will say that it’s like childbirth (I’ll have to keep you posted for when I do have a child!). But writing is what I was meant to do. I was the kid who got busted for staying up past my bedtime reading with a flashlight under the covers. The level of difficulty in writing a book and making a living as a professional writer have never dissuaded me, so, yes, I plan to do it again. I have conceptualized three future books in my mind. One of them I’ve started writing loosely. I hope to bring that one to fruition soon. It will incorporate an athletic inspiration to my approach to yoga.

Are you planning any events around your big launch? I am! Right now, we have book tour events confirmed in Boston, Western MA, Rhode Island, Washington DC, and the Cape & Islands. There are other cities in the works, so please stay tuned!

Where can we find "Do Your Om Thing?" You can order it on Amazon now or buy it in bookstores after 3/3/15. If you’re in Boston, definitely come to two of the best indie bookstores on earth in the Brookline Booksmith on March 4th and Trident Booksellers on March 9th. They are seriously two of my favorite places in the city. I can’t wait to see everyone there and write some love notes to readers, students, and friends on the title pages of some books.
Thanks Rebecca and congratulations!!! 

Keep in touch with Rebecca: |
twitter: @omgal
instagram: @omgal
Facebook: @omgalblog

If you'd like a chance at winning Do Your Om Thing, leave a comment below. One winner* will be chosen at random on March 6th and will be announced here on the blog so check back in a week. Good luck!

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Unknown said...

Photos are BEAUTIFUL and this book sounds amazing! I'm from the Boston area and currently going through my yoga teacher training! ;)

Raquel said...

CANNOT wait for this book to come out! I live in the Philadelphia area, and I'd love for Rebecca to come to a bookstore down here!

Unknown said...

This is a book I would put on my must-read list even if I wasn't a student of Rebecca's. :) I already pre-ordered my copy, but would love to win to gift to a dear, dear friend.

lauren said...

I can't wait to read this book! Lucie, your pictures are amazing!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lauren! :)

Unknown said...

I am a runner and I stumbled upon Rebecca with her yoga video's on Runner's World. It was the first time that I tried yoga and I love it. I find that yoga compliments the rest of my workout program perfectly. I now practice yoga 2-3 times per week and feel so much better for it. Congrats on your new book - I look forward to reading it and would love a copy!

Caitlin said...

Love Rebecca's yoga sessions on Runner's the compassion of her writing.

Josie G said...

Love the photos. I also love how it is not focused only on fitness but also the lifestyle.

StaceyO said...

Fan of the photos and Rebecca :) Need to look up the DC tour date.

Sharon Dawn said...

I am looking forward to the book after watching and listening to videos! Is there any chance of getting an autographed copy mailed?