Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Creating a Fantastical Group Photo with @TurnstyleCycle. #MoveDifferent

note: photo is intentionally blurry. keep reading.
It's not every day I receive a proposal like the one Rich Downing of Turnstyle Cycle sent me last winter. He was looking for a group shot of his team (ok, no problem, I can do that)... but with a twist. Here were a few of his ideas:

Tentative Proposal
Team photo of a fantastical scene, with the goal of creating an image that looks more like an album cover for Empire of the Sun than a standard fitness photo. The final product may include a scene with the following elements:

- Cycle instructors riding bikes that are half animal
- TRX instructors swinging TRX straps as if they are weapons (balls and chains)
- The backdrop of an enormous Sun that is eclipsed by Turnstyle's unique "Instructor Halo"

Ummm... ok! I didn't know exactly how this was going to be executed but it sounded like way to much fun to pass up so I said yes. I did some photo illustration back in school which I loved but had not had an opportunity to do since. Rich had seen some of that work and liked it so he knew what I could do (I explained to him that it would not look totally realistic but luckily that was the point!). 

So we set to work. I had to figure out all of the elements needed for the photo and collect them. To get the instructors, we set up a shoot at Turnstyle's location in Kendall Square where I shot them individually on a white seamless. 
Turnstyle's Laura Mucci was both model and make-up artist for our shoot
The animal photos were gathered through stock websites and the background pieces were photos I already had (Swiss Alps!) or I created them in Photoshop (it turns out there are a ton of "Night Sky" Photoshop tutorials online, so freakin' cool). 
custom sky background created in Photoshop
These wolves were a sweet find on iStockPhoto
remember my trip to Switzerland?
It finally all came together and they decided to use the image to help promote the launch of their second location at Ink Block in the South End! Are you ready to see the final non-blurry image?? Just click to their website and let me know what you think :)

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