Saturday, February 11, 2017

#BostonMarathon Runner Story: Colleen Courtney for the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation

It's back! I've started photographing runners once again for my Why I Run: Boston Marathon Photo Project and today I'm starting with Colleen. I met up with Colleen at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir on a very chilly day (Superbowl Sunday, how fitting!) to take some photos and talk about how she teamed up to run for the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation.

Name: Colleen Courtney
Location: Melrose, MA
Occupation: Manager, Boston University Student Employment Services

Number of Marathons Run (including 2017): 2
Boston Marathons Run (including 2017): 1
Why I Run: I love the commitment it takes to train and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. After my collegiate soccer career ended, I felt there was something missing in my routine which is when I discovered running. The void I felt was from a lack of being challenged both physically and mentally. Running feeds my competitive drive, keeps me goal oriented and helps me maintain motivation on a daily basis.

This year I am running the Boston Marathon on behalf of Gronk Nation Youth Foundation. This organization inspires students through sports, education and fitness. I'm passionate about this organization because of my own experiences playing youth sports. Athletic involvement since a young age taught me so many qualities that I apply in my everyday life- discipline, consistency, motivation, teamwork, effort, patience and many more.

I also run in memory of my Dad who was my biggest fan and taught me the meaning of discipline, strength and consistency in running and in life. 

Thanks to Colleen for sharing her story and good luck with training!
To learn more and help Colleen's fundraising effors, visit her page here:


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