Thursday, June 22, 2017

#FitMom Talks: Sarah Dussault aka #SarahFit

©2017 Lucie Wicker Photography
Ever wonder what it'd be like to run a hugely successful YouTube channel + fitness blog, and basically be the go-to person for everything health, fitness, and family, all while being a first-time mom to an active one year old? Well, read on! Here's my latest FitMomTalk with fitness guru Sarah Dussault, aka SarahFit, where she talks about her work, her exercise routines, and her 17-month-old son, Tommy.
 ©2017 Lucie Wicker Photography
Tell us a little about yourself.
I began making health and fitness videos on YouTube in 2006 for A few years later, I started my own business, uploading to my own channel, blogging, and personal training. I've been my own boss since I was 23 years old. I've travelled the world thanks to blogging and met some incredible women. I never imagined a career like this and always thought it was the perfect job to be a "work from home mom."

I currently teach only one mommy and me class at week in Boston at Burn Fitness Back Bay and still upload videos and blogs each week.
 ©2017 Lucie Wicker Photography
How long of a maternity leave were you able to take before you started to work (and workout!) again? 
When you work for yourself, you don't really stop. I think I took maybe a day or two of nothing but during nap time I was back to emails, writing my birth story and shooting videos again after 2 weeks. When it came to working out, I waited 3 weeks to do the elliptical. It was the most euphoric workout I've ever had! I trained with a personal trainer at 5 weeks and was running around then too.
I blogged about my experience and would have preferred to wait to run again but I agreed to run a half marathon 16 weeks postpartum. By 6 weeks, I was back taking spin and Pilates where childcare was offered.

How did that schedule/routine look different from before baby?
Before I had Tommy, I would take classes around the city whenever I wanted. I would go for long runs whenever I mustered up the energy or woke up. Now, I was restricted to classes with childcare or weekends when Nick was home from work. Sure I could realistically workout at least 3 times a week but I used to bounce around studio to studio. Now, I could only go to two.

I missed so many different studios. I also couldn't go before Tommy would wake up because I nursed him and was too full!
 ©2017 Lucie Wicker Photography
Did your fitness outlook and goals change after becoming a mom? If so, how?
 YES! Oh my gosh. I was always about losing the last 5 lbs. Now it's to be strong, have energy and feel good about myself. It's not about how long or how much. It's just to do something!

I love short HIIT workouts now. I used to dread them but now they are so much more efficient for my time. I lost the weight without dieting and being patient. I work hard but I workout much less than I did before I was pregnant. I am still nursing in so the extra calorie burn helps but I also eat a lot more, too!

What is the biggest challenge you've found in working/running a business and being a mom? Time management and the feeling of half-assing everything. I feel like I'm never giving my 100% to anything, Tommy, my job or relationship with Nick. It's hard. I want to cook and clean the house, I want to pay attention to Tommy and do fun projects, I want to put my attention on my business but I want to be a good mom. I try to do it all and I've lost a bit of myself in the process from a business point of view.
 ©2017 Lucie Wicker Photography
What is your favorite fitness-related activity to do with your son (either one-on-one or as a family)? I think my favorite would be just going for long walks together and stopping at the park for Tommy to run around or at the beach. We have a jogging stroller that we use in the summer and will take him to run by the beach. In Boston, we go for runs or walks around the city and stop at the esplanade or common. This may be boring but I love to workout and it's kind of my me time. I don't love to workout with Tommy or Nick haha. I like to do my own thing.

I think you're doing great! :D
Thanks to Sarah for sharing her story!

Instagram: @SarahFit
Twitter: @SarahDussault

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